Removing Error Report Pop Ups

3 Oct

Sometimes you just want to rid yourself of those “error reporting pop ups. They appear like this:

So, how do you rid yourself permanently from them? Here’s a good article I found this morning.



10 Sep

*  You can easily create links that go directly to a specific time in a YouTube video — ideal for emailing or sharing on social media. To do this, just add &t=#m#s to the end of the video’s URL, replacing the # signs with the number of minutes and seconds you want to link to. For example, the link:

takes you to the 15 minute and 30 second mark on the latest MakeUseOf podcast video.

* Courtersy of

A Quick Tips for IE8 users . .

11 May

While working at a temp assignment in Charlotte I was forced back to working with Internet Explorer (I moved onto Chrome a year ago and love it).

If you are one of the millions still using IE – here is a tip that helped me …

Use the Control + Shift + I key to open the Favorites and then choose the folder where all of your sites are located, Right-click the folder and choose Open using the Tab Group.

WOW! All of those site automatically open in the browser.

Maybe MS is learning from the competition to give better user tools . . . Hearing hoping so

Increase your bandwidth

4 May

Here’s a simple little thing you can do
to increase your bandwidth by at least 20%.

1.) log on as Administrator.

2.) start – run – type gpedit.msc

3.) expand “local computer policy”

4.) then expand “administrative templates”

5.) then expand “network branch”

6.) Highlight the “QoS Packet Scheduler”

7.) on right window double click “limit reservable bandwidth”

8.) on setting tab check the “enabled”

9.) change “Bandwidth limit %” to 0

You’re done. It would be a good idea to reboot after this.

Check out


Modifier Keys

24 Sep

The key to maximizing your “computer” work-life is to comprehend, to retain and to implement a knowledge of modifier keys so that:

  • You can accomplish your work tasks in a fraction of the time
  • You can streamline repetitive tasks

There are 4 modifier keys that you should learn or know:

Alt – This modifier key (along with a second key) will help you to activate all your menus and even use the new Windows 7 ribbon. I remember it this way (A LT (looks like “a list”)

Control – This key is a power house key (using the control key with arrows or with the Home / End key) is like charging your keyboard with the energizer bunny. (BAAAM!)

Shift – is the anchor key (something that is held down with weight). By using this key you can highlight text.

Windows –  is used with the Operating System not necessarily with the applications.

Part 2 of this next month . . .

Places to Go . . .

12 Sep

In the years or months of being in “career transition” you visit many websites that you never knew existed. Some of them  can be helpful in networking and others are “quaint places to visit”. Here are some of my favorites . . .

BrainBench – excellent testing and certification center – Highly Recommended!

Gist – soon to be closed down (went to Cloze)

Glassdoor – excellent resource to get the “skinny” on a company

Grovo – a friend a mine recommended this and I highly agree. Helpful to learn and then earn certifications for common internet tools. Start Today!

Indeed – After I struggled to find jobs, I learned the word Aggregate and WOW, it changed my job searching task and World. Superior Aggregate Job Searching Site

IFTTT – Want the Internet to work for you? Using channels you are already using, go to IFTTT today and let automatic processes make your internet work for you . . . Highly Recommended!

MakeUseof – UK company with emails that gives tips and downloaded manuals, enjoying every email I get and using those tips.

Pinterest – Sharing Site, got my resume and a few ppts on it

StartWiregreat tracking tool to remember who you send a resume to and need to call back.

VizifyExcellent Graphical Bio site!

Tricklrapp – draft and send out tweets on your timetable . . Helpful!

Reppler – see your online reputation . . . Quick, Easy, Insightful!

WiseStamp – add professional social network links to your gmail signature. No hassle, professional and easy.

The ultimate Email Experience – Gmail

27 Jul

Here are some helpful shortcuts that I have run across that speeds me through the daily grind to see my emails . . .

*a – to select all outstanding emails

g c for contacts

g i to return to inbox

g l for labels (trash, etc,)

Shift 3 to delete