Highlight Shortcut and QAT

22 Jun

Highlight Shortcut

Create macro to highlight a row:

  1. Open Excel
  2. Go to Developer tab (Alt +L)
  3. Create new macro
  4. Create Macro Name and Shortcut key(optional) and click OK
  5. Select Use Relative References button (Developer ribbon)
  6. Select any cell
  7. Click Home tab and Font Color and choose yellow
  8. Go to Developer ribbon and stop recording

Place button on quick access task (qat) bar and assign macro:

  1. Right click quick access toolbar
  2. Choose Customize Quick Access toolbar
  3. Make sure the left-nav selection is Customize
  4. Choose, Choose commands from and select Macros
  5. Click on your Macro name (per above) and add to 2nd column and press OK
  6. Optional: Click Modify button (at bottom of 2nd column to change icon)

How to use:

As you open your excel you will find a new icon in your quick access task bar and when you click the Alt key you will see a number attached to your new button. To highlight choose a cell, row or column (Shift + spacebar, Control + spacebar) and use the Alt Key and number combination to highlight.


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