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Introduction – I stand on the shoulders of Giants

22 Jun

 I got bit by the IT bug a few years ago and whatever knowledge I have obtained and “now share”  . . . the Truth is I stand on the shoulders of Giants in the IT industry.

From the household names of Jobs and Gates to the gurus (Mr. Excel) and scientist that “started this whole thing ” Blaise Pascal“. And kudos to Chris, Caio and Bill the three best developers I ever had to chance to manage! Also a Big THANKS to Dr. Andrew Boswell who nudged me and encouraged me to implement new computer technologies into my day to day activities and to Tim Kachuriak who gave me a chance and invited me into the IT/SharePoint world! And Purna Duggirala at and Amit Agarwal at Digital Inspiration and John Walkenbach.

To the hometown heroes that helped me when my computer crashed and taught me things beyond the Microsoft world (Don).

I offer my sincere THANKS!


About Me

6 Jun

My name is Hugh Knight and I am a IT and Computer Enthusiast. I have over 20 years combined experience in the non-profit and for profit business arena.

I am digitally distinct! Visit



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