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Places to Go . . .

12 Sep

In the years or months of being in “career transition” you visit many websites that you never knew existed. Some of them  can be helpful in networking and others are “quaint places to visit”. Here are some of my favorites . . .

BrainBench – excellent testing and certification center – Highly Recommended!

Gist – soon to be closed down (went to Cloze)

Glassdoor – excellent resource to get the “skinny” on a company

Grovo – a friend a mine recommended this and I highly agree. Helpful to learn and then earn certifications for common internet tools. Start Today!

Indeed – After I struggled to find jobs, I learned the word Aggregate and WOW, it changed my job searching task and World. Superior Aggregate Job Searching Site

IFTTT – Want the Internet to work for you? Using channels you are already using, go to IFTTT today and let automatic processes make your internet work for you . . . Highly Recommended!

MakeUseof – UK company with emails that gives tips and downloaded manuals, enjoying every email I get and using those tips.

Pinterest – Sharing Site, got my resume and a few ppts on it

StartWiregreat tracking tool to remember who you send a resume to and need to call back.

VizifyExcellent Graphical Bio site!

Tricklrapp – draft and send out tweets on your timetable . . Helpful!

Reppler – see your online reputation . . . Quick, Easy, Insightful!

WiseStamp – add professional social network links to your gmail signature. No hassle, professional and easy.